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When Blanche White moved north to Boston, she believed it would be a better place to raise her kids, especially after she got them into an elite private school. But now her children are becoming elitist and judgmental, acquiring more attitude than education. So when she and her kids are invited to Amber Cove, an exclusive resort in Maine for wealthy blacks, Blanche jumps at the chance to see how the other half lives and maybe stop her kids turning into people she doesn’t want to know. When one of the guests kills himself, and another is electrocuted in her bathtub, Blanche becomes an accidental detective once again, using her sharp wit and keen social insight to peel back some disturbing color and class distinctions within the black community that may have driven someone to murder. Click here for more info.

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Donna Hill writing as Olivia Hill's MURDER IN THE AISLES, the first book in a multicultural murder suspense series featuring a librarian-turned-amateur sleuth and a hotheaded detective, to Latoya Smith at Samhain Publishing.

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Mystery author Angela Henry is participating in a Kindle Scout Campaign for her urban fantasy detective novel KNIGHT’S FALL. Kindle Scout is Amazon’s crowd-sourced publishing venture where readers nominate titles they would like to see published by Kindle Press. If the title is chosen for publication, the readers who nominated it will get a free advanced digital copy of the book before its publication. Click here for more information about KNIGHT’S FALL, including the first two chapters. Readers can nominate the book until 11:59 pm on April 17th.



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