Featured Title for February: Kosher Kill By Sterling Anthony

Lieutenant “Bloody Mary” Cunningham of the Detroit homicide unit is back! In the long-awaited sequel to Cookie Cutter, Mary investigates a series of murders, each bearing the signature of a killer who seems to be equal parts assassin and apparition. Unfortunately, Mary is beset with life-and-death personal problems that distract her, stealing from her focus, at a time when she needs all of her sleuthing skills. The trail proves to be serpentine, winding through various false starts, dead ends, and setbacks. But true to her nature, Mary perseveres until, finally, a suspect materializes, one who is every bit Mary’s equal in intellect and guile. Reeling in the suspect will require expert angling, the least mistimed tug and a killer wiggles free. And, although Mary is certain that the murders were not random and that the victims were targeted, there’s still the question: how long is the killer’s list and who might be next?

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