Featured Title for September: My Own Worst Frenemy By Kimberly Reid!

MY OWN WORST FRENEMY (Langdon Prep Series #1)

By Kimberly Reid
Fifteen-year-old Chantal Evans is the new girl at Langdon Preparatory Academy. Her mother, an undercover cop, calls in a favor to get Chanti into the posh private school. The plan was to keep Chanti out of trouble in her tough Denver neighborhood, but her mom got it twisted. Within a week of starting Langdon Prep, Chanti is accused of a string of thefts at school. When the crimes she's accused of grow more serious, Chanti doesn't know who has her back and who might be trying to set her up. She must race to clear her name before her life becomes so much more complicated than being the new girl and getting Marco Ruiz to notice her.


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