Best Mystery Nominees/African-American Literary Award Show

Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees!

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Walter Mosley-The Long Fall
Blair Underwood, Tananarive Due & Stephen Barnes - In the Night of the Heat
Pamela Samuels-Young - Murder on the Down Low
Brenda Hampton - The Dirty Truth


Attica Locke Discusses Her New Thriller


Deadly Charm Featured on Galleycat!

Claudia Mair Burney's third Amanda Bell Brown mystery,
Deadly Charm, is featured on Galleycat!

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Jericho's Fall Featured on The Daily Beast

Click here to read an excerpt of Stephen L. Carter's new spy thriller, Jericho's Fall, on The Daily Beast!


Mysterious Chocolate

If you’re a fan of Kyra Davis’s Sophie Katz mystery series then you are well aware of Sophie’s addiction to CocoaBella Chocolates, which is an actual company in San Francisco. To celebrate their role in the Sophie Katz mystery series, CocoaBella has created a limited edition box of chocolates named after Sophie Katz. And if you’re in San Francisco on August 8th, Kyra Davis will be at CocoaBella for a book signing/chocolate tasting at 2pm.


RIP Mary Wilbon

I'm always excited when I discover a new black mystery writer I've never heard of. But sadly sometimes these discoveries come too late. I first heard about author Mary Wilbon on Galleycat this morning by way of her obituary. Wilbon was the author of the recently released One Last Kiss featuring PI Cassandra Slick and 2004's Naughty Little Secrets. Both books were published by Kensington. For more info about Mary Wilbon, check out her website. Descriptions of her books are below.

One Last Kiss

Meet Cassandra Slick-a private investigator who knows that few pleasures in life can compare to a dry martini, a sexy blonde, and serving sweet justice on New Jersey-s meanest streets. While other little girls dreamed of growing up to be princesses, Cassandra Slick wanted to be Pam Grier in Foxy Brown, busting bad-ass criminals while yelling -Take that, you jive turkey!- She got her wish, but at the request of her girlfriend Laura-the beautiful, blonde daughter of New Jersey-s wealthiest clam magnate-Slick has given up cop life to be a P.I.

Now her former precinct captain, Frank DeStasio, has called on Slick-s help to clear a colleague, Tom Brandeal, accused of murdering a gorgeous black prostitute. Brandeal is a homophobe who does the force no favors, but Slick has her own reasons for wanting to know what really happened to her old friend Paradise, a.k.a Gloria Roxley. Scouring the back alleys and red-light districts of Newark-the compost heap of the Garden State-Slick is soon knee-deep in shady senators, crooked cops, fabulous transsexuals, sordid blackmail, and lots and lots of dead bodies-and her troubles are only just beginning.

Naughty Little Secrets

In this uproarious, madcap novel Mary Wilbon introduces two irresistible heroines about to stumble into more trouble than they could ever imagine. Like a warped version of Sex in the City, Naughty Little Secrets is a wild romp through martinis, murder, embezzlement, martinis, "Homey-Sexual" cops, bad musicals, community theatre from hell, martinis, sex, seduction, betrayal, double martinis and New Jersey...and possibly the most fun you can have between the covers...


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